Grazing for life

Online symposium presenting the outcomes of GrazeLIFE

Juan Carlos Muños / Rewilding Europe

Grazing for life

Online symposium presenting the outcomes of GrazeLIFE

Supporting extensive grazing for climate adaptation and biodiversity

Europe today is facing major environmental challenges, like climate change, biodiversity loss, soil degradation and increased frequency and severity of wildfires. On request of the European Commission, the GrazeLIFE consortium reflected on current policies, legislation and subsidy systems regarding different land-use forms. The study concluded that the benefits of extensive grazing can contribute significantly to solving some of the most pressing climate and biodiversity issues if only the EU and Member States are committed to apply their policies and regulations in a more effective way.

In this symposium,  GrazeLIFE consortium representatives from different parts of Europe will share their findings. They’ve come up with recommendations for both policymakers and practitioners to support extensive grazing systems, for the benefit of people and nature.


The event has passed but you can still watch the recording on Rewilding Europe’s YouTube channel.

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Guy Pe’er

Wouter Helmer

Julia Rouet-Leduc

Jaime Fagúndez

Desy Kostadinova

Hristo Hristov


10.30 Welcome and introduction
Mei Elderadzi – Rewilding Europe

10.35 Introduction of GrazeLIFE
Wouter Helmer – Rewilding Europe

GrazeLIFE results and recommendations

10.40 Sustainable grazing for multiple ecosystem services
Julia Rouet-Leduc – German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)

11.00 Recommendations to improve grazing policies and legislation
Dr. Guy Pe’er – German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) / UFZ – Helmholtz

11.20 Symbolic handover of the GrazeLIFE reports with recommendations to Humberto Delgado Rosa, Director for Natural Capital, DG Environment, European Commission

11.25 Video Grazing for Life

11.30 Coffee break 

Grazing challenges in practice

11.40 Part 1. Learning from pioneering practice in the Rhodope Mountains
Desislava Kostadinova/Hristo Hristov – Rewilding Rhodopes

12.00 Part 2. Wild ponies are guardians of the mountains in Galicia, NW Spain
Dr. Jaime Fagundez – University of A Coruña

12.20 Follow-up actions on regional and national level
Wouter Helmer – Rewilding Europe

12.30 Closing


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